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Edition 8

14 July, 2019

Hello 👋Brandon here.Hope you’ve all had an amazing week last week 😁Without further ado, let’s get right into it 🎪Near Future🌑 Designing…

Edition 7

08 July, 2019

Hello 👋Brandon here.🌊 Welcome to the seventh edition of 🔮Technologically Clairvoyant🔮We’re now verified on Brave Browser or will be in…

Edition 6 - "🔮 Technologically Clairvoyant ed. 6 - Alzheimer's, addictive social networks, 3d printing"

01 July, 2019

Hello 👋Brandon here.🌊 Welcome to the sixth edition of 🔮Technologically Clairvoyant🔮Without further ado, let’s get into it 🎪Near future…


24 June, 2019

Technical side of LibraSome things about this crypto:It is pseudo-anonymous (there is no identity on the blockchain)It’s permissioned (like…

🔮 Technologically Clairvoyant edition 5 - Libra, Sports Direct

24 June, 2019

Hello 👋Brandon here.🌊 Welcome to the fifth edition of 🔮Technologically Clairvoyant🔮This edition is a little long. Lots of things have…


17 June, 2019

Hello 👋Brandon here.Welcome to a special edition ✨ of Technologically Clairvoyant🔮In this special, we’re going to look at farms…

Edition 4

09 June, 2019

Hello 👋Brandon here.Welcome to Edition 4 🔮Near Future🗽 New York Tenants Fight As Landlords Embrace Facial Recognition CamerasIn a bid to…

Edition 3

01 June, 2019

Hello 👋Brandon here.🌊 Welcome to the third edition of 🔮Technologically Clairvoyant🔮No announcements this week, so let’s get right into…

Edition 2

26 May, 2019

Hello 👋Brandon here.🌊 Welcome to the second edition of 🔮Technologically Clairvoyant🔮We now have a website! You can view past editions of…

Edition 1

23 May, 2019

Hello 👋Brandon here.Welcome to edition 1 of my weekly newsletter 🔮 Technologically Clairvoyant. Every week, we’ll explore what the future…


17 May, 2019

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17 May, 2019

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